Sales Training for Air Europa!

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Sales training
Sales Training Time!

Air Europa trainers have recently received an extensive training session related to the sales on board. 

Training was facilitated in TRE³ premises in Madrid, Spain and was conducted by Mr. Nik Loukas from In-flight feed who is an expert in travel retail and onboard services market. 
This additional education in selling technics involved subjects like trolley moving through the cabin, verified vocabulary and questions formulas to be used towards clients, as well as body language and cross-selling methods.
All those important factors of accurate approach were introduced to create more links between the passengers and the crew members to optimize and raise the satisfaction levels for the ongoing journeys. 

Last but not least, Air Europa trainers received an additional training of the TRE³ POS system used onboard across Air Europa fleet, highlighting all newly introduced features such as recently announced pre-orders modules.

With that collective knowledge taken by the Air Europa trainers, the cabin crew members will be empowered to increase the sales and customer satisfaction on board making the travels with Air Europa Airlines both, pleasant and profitable.  

For more information on our services, please visit us at TRE³ Services

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TRE³ Team

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